Friday, April 17, 2009

support from the benevolent universe

this morning in spin class we rode a 40 minute hill.
and it was great.
it was right in line with my current philosophy of work hard but not too hard.
see, the universe is conspiring to help me with my goal.

so this is how we rode our 40 minute hill. we set our cadence to about 80 revolutions per minute, and then turned the resistance on until it was doable, but just barely.
doable means sweat rolls off my forehead and drips into my eyes, and my shoulders glisten, and every once in a while I feel a sweat bead roll down my upper arm and drop off my elbow.
this was an endurance ride, which means that I watch the clock the entire time. almost. once I glanced up and noticed that 3 minutes had passed without my acknowledging them, so apparently I dozed or was otherwise preoccupied. but I am definitely a clock watcher on these indoor rides.
I mentioned this to bill, and he said, you are? with surprise in his voice.
yes, I am.
I count down those minutes and watch the clock like crazy, because I am NOT having the time of my life during these classes.
I am efforting and sweating and working during these classes, which, in the end, are gratifying, but in the midst of are not much fun at all.

so this morning I climbed my hill, I kept my heartrate in check, and I ticked off the minutes as I worked them off.
it was right up my alley, exactly what the doctor ordered, and obviously (thank you, universe) precisely what I was supposed to do.

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