Tuesday, April 28, 2009

biking and driving

I spent 90 minutes biking today,
and about 175 minutes in my car driving.

which do you think was more fun?

some days wear me out. I try to place blame on the yoga and spin classes and outdoor rides, but I think the real culprit is drive time. the here-and-back, there-and-back, here-and-there-and-back running around that I have somehow created in my life.
I know I did this to myself, and it's primarily about the experiences I want my kids to have, so I'm trying quite hard not to complain about it.

but I'd rather be riding.
or yoga-ing.
or, come to think of it, sleeping.

as for today's ride, I didn't think it was going to happen.
I went to yoga at 6, then did the run-the-carpool-to-school thing and the take-the-car-in-for-an-oil change-thing, then came home and was exhausted. I was mostly worthless until late morning (okay, and I did take a nap), and then decided a ride was more than my body could take.

an hour later I started putting my cycling clothes on.

because the sun was out and it was 60+ degrees and it was supposed to rain later.
I couldn't stop myself.

and it was another great ride, full of those joys of being out in a world that is waking up from its winter slumber.
I wish those joys were as accessible while driving a car.
from here to there, and there to here, and back again. and again.

my new goal is to average more miles on my bike each week than on my car.

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