Saturday, April 11, 2009

if not now, when?


after I warm up
after I cool off
after I've had a nap
after I get this work done
after I earn enough money
after I lose some weight
when I'm ready
after it gets warmer
after it cools down
when you stop asking me
after I get things cleaned up
when I feel better
after I've saved enough money
when I'm stronger
when I have the right gear
when I feel secure enough
after I put my makeup on
when I'm better at it
when it's nicer outside
when I'm by myself
when I have some people to do it with
after I've eaten
when I'm not so full
when I find the right person to do it with me
after I've had more instruction
when it feels right
maybe tomorrow
maybe next week
maybe next month
maybe right now.

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