Monday, April 13, 2009

the big 5-0

I hit the big 5-0 yesterday; first one of the season, and it felt a lot like I think it's supposed to feel . . .
a milestone
a little tiring
something to celebrate
more draining than I wanted it to be

yep, my first 50-mile ride of the season is now under my belt. (I would say it's on my cyclometer, but it's not, as I still can't get that darn thing to track my miles. but that's a whole different posting, and I'm waiting until I'm really fed up with it before I unleash all my frustrations here.)
easter sunday, a perfect day to celebrate the gorgeous spring weather by going for a ride around summit county.
we rode from pinebrook---a few miles east of Kimble Junction---west and then south, heading toward jordanelle dam, and then down into kamas. from there we rode to oakley and on to peoa, coming back through brown's canyon and winding through what used to be the northwest part of snyderville and then back to pinebrook. a couple decent climbs, and a few great descents, and an absolute gift of a tailwind for the first third of the ride. what more could I ask for?

well, a little more strength.
I still want to be better.
this is what happens when you spend most of your time riding with people who are better than you: you feel that push-desire-frustration that urges you to work harder, get better, be stronger, ride faster . . .
since this is a boring conversation, though, I am going to flip over to the glories of yesterday's ride.

the ski resorts still have snow bases of 100 inches or more, so you can picture the mountains that surrounded us as we rode. dark pines and sketchy, bare aspen line the ridges that are still densely white. the sky was robin egg blue, with thick white and light gray clouds clumping and splitting apart, giving us warm shots of sunshine interspersed with moments of cool. wind frolicked around us constantly, moving the clean, crisp air around the hills and valleys and alternately pushing or pulling us along.
it was the penultimate spring day, with air so fresh and fragrant that you can actually sense buds and shoots and roots growing as you ride along. we rode past a lumber mill---oh, what a fragrance---and then a pig farm. this is knowing you are fully alive.

I could have ridden a hundred miles.
but I was glad it was only fifty.

there are plenty more rides to come.

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