Saturday, April 18, 2009


today was the salt lake marathon, which means it was also the 5th annual salt lake bike tour.
this one incredibly special day each year the city and county close the path of the marathon completely to cars, and allow bicyclists to ride the route early in the morning before the runners begin.
what a rush!
1500 or so of us rode the course, and were able to sail through umpteen red lights, a handful of yellow and green ones, and stop sign after stop sign . . . all under the willing and gracious eyes of sheriffs and policemen galore.
the great thing about it all is that you never have to stop!

the difficult thing about it all is that you never have to stop!

there were a lot of fast riders out there this morning. they call this a "bike tour," meaning that it is not a race: everyone wins. so I tend to think that calls to less enthusiastic (read: obsessed) riders than people like, hmmm, well, me.
but there were hundreds of riders out there in their team kits (jerseys, shorts, etc, for those of you unfamiliar with that term), pushing their legs around like mad.
and passing me.

I hate getting passed.
okay, I should qualify that.
I don't like getting passed. mainly because it reinforces the fact that I'm just not that fast of a rider. and I hate that.
okay, let me qualify that.
I sure wish I were a faster rider, and my silly little self-concept and (ugh) ego get a little dented every time I think about it.

now to be completely honest, I did notice that at the very end of the course, with 2 miles or so to go, I was still riding pretty strong. and I acknowledge it's not that long of a course, but I plowed up the last little hill and held my own at the end, which I will take as confirmation that I am just better at endurance than speed.
I have to remember this.

we are all created differently.
I was not created for speed, and this is OK. my little feathers get ruffled when this is pointed out to me time and time again, and I am just taking this as one more exercise in humility and reality for yours truly. I don't have to be great at everything; it's okay to be great at quirky things. I can be an endurance cyclist, I can be creative, I can be organized and quick-witted and kind and generous.
I don't have to be fast.

along with FAITH tattooed on my knuckles, I'm going to have to have I don't have to be fast tattooed on my right quadricep.
perhaps then I can more easily keep that in mind when cyclist after cyclist passes me, time and time again.

ah, humility.
ah, reality.

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