Thursday, April 16, 2009


I would like to be profound today.
to be filled with wisdom and depth, and to be able to convey that here.
I would love for everyone who reads this today to be touched and strengthened, to gain empowerment and renewed courage to continue walking their path.
I want to be able to gift the world with wisdom and fortitude and resilience, and to watch us all move a little bit closer to spiritual understanding and connection.

it seems to me, however, that everything that needs to be said has already been said. it's out there: there are no more secrets to be shared.

so perhaps my role is just to live out that old advertising adage: what works is repetition, repetition, repetition.

each time I search for words of encouragement, themes to hang my hat on, or new ways to gain perspective, I find something that moves me along my path. however, they are not always new thoughts. they might be just rephrased, reworked, or reworded, but they always come down to the same basic roots. yet I still seek them out. I, too, learn through repetition.

this morning was a yoga morning. I have come to love thursday yoga, after being repelled by it the first time I experienced it. there's no music: that was my first shocking turn-off. and there are many sun salutations, another piece I don't love as much as I wish I did. and there's that emphasis on breathing---oh, what a challenge.
but this is what I discovered this morning: I was breathing more consistently, more steadily, more thoughtlessly. thought-less, consistent, in and out, generous breathing. me! in the middle of a sun salutation I discovered that I was doing this, and again, I realized that I have made progress.
it is small.
but it is forward movement.
and it has occurred because I have repeated this process numerous times, and made a commitment to become better at it.

remember the movie What About Bob? I love this movie for its quirkiness and silliness and ultimately, its underlying themes that resolve themselves quite nicely.
in it, richard dreyfuss' character teaches that we make progress through baby steps. little pieces of movement, small actions, little motions, but forward progress nonetheless.
it can take a great many baby steps before we can become aware of and acknowledge the fact that we are eventually in a different place, but what a high it is when we recognize that progress.

so, my desire to be profound worked its way into these 2 themes: repetition, and baby steps.
nothing new, nothing hugely significant, but both things that enable us to keep moving forward into becoming the best us we are meant to be.

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