Tuesday, April 21, 2009

best yet

possible reasons for my best-of-the-season-so-far ride today:

the 70+ degree weather and clear blue skies
my yoga class this morning
the fact that I had yesterday off the bike
the ibuprofen I took right before I left
all the food I ate yesterday
the great tailwind most of the way up
that kale

unlikely reason:

the chocolate bridge mix I ate at 9 pm last night

whichever of these events are responsible, I am exceedingly grateful to them. today's ride was great. I felt good the entire time, my heartrate stayed below the crazy zone, and I felt strong and capable.
I am mentally crossing my fingers that this is a sign of things to come, not just a fluke.

most gratifying was the heartrate: my average heartrate was a good 5-7 points below what it has been on other rides. I still pushed it to the top a time or two, but it easily sank back down and stayed at a better place. and my recoveries were strong as well: quickly dropping down 30 points or so.
how do I keep this going?
do I have to duplicate everything I did yesterday??
I know better.
but wouldn't it be nice if you could always connect your performance with what led up to it? what if you always knew the circumstances that result in your best outcome? what if, say, I knew that it was last night's chicken dinner plus this morning's yoga that worked together to foster my great ride? I'd replicate those activities, wouldn't I? how much simpler would life be if there were always direct correlations between our actions and the outcome?

I think it's likely that the day off the bike helped, as did the kale. and the tailwind, and the warm and thrilling weather. and probably the chicken and the tortillas.
but probably most of all, it was the

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