Monday, April 6, 2009

six things

I have a list of things to write about, but the subjects are all fairly deep and of the thought-provoking variety, and all I can focus on at the moment is my ride today. therefore . . .
contemplation is out the door, and I'm just going to write about my experience.

first, the air. it was 50 or so degrees when I set out, and sunshine was pouring everywhere, not a single cloud to block its rays. warmth just sat in each molecule surrounding me, and every breath swirled through my system agreeably, no chilled air attacking nostrils and delicate membranes. it's as if the cleaning fairies worked throughout the night last night, scrubbing the sky and leaving a delicate scent of fresh and clean to float down over us all.

second, the view. snow still covers much of the canyon surfaces, while the city continues to green itself with each new storm's moisture. snow-covered mountains surround my favorite canyon's summit, and although the lower trees are leafless and stick-like, the conifers up high still wear a dusting of white.

then there's the reservoir. you know I love this special spot of earth. from up high, the reservoir was a mirror, smooth and so perfectly reflective that it almost disappeared. as I rode down to it, it gave up the images and settled into its many varied colors: bright green along the northwestern dips and swirls, and a deep indigo in the gently rippling interior. it was full of peace today.

fourth, the cyclists. 28 of them. 2 females, the rest male. 1 very friendly, the rest either moderately or less so. one of them followed me past the gate, and turned back at about the same point I did, when it became clear that a mountain bike would be necessary for further safe travel. I got passed by 4 fast guys today, and I didn't enjoy a single one of those passings. sigh.

fifth, the muscles and lungs and heart. well, they all work. and they all worked hard there for a while. some days are easier than others, and today wasn't one of those: my average heartrate for the ride was about as high as it's ever been. my goal is to have a nice, slightly lower average heartrate. I could blame the high numbers on those guys who kept passing me, stirring up my little competitive genes . . .

finally, the soul. it just thrills to these rides. there is little else on earth that is so gratifying, so fulfilling, so enriching, so liberating.

and there's really nothing more to say.

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