Thursday, April 9, 2009


I'm not a huge baseball fan. in fact, I'm not a huge fan of any organized sport. I'm one of those who would rather be doing than just watching others do. I have tremendous respect and admiration for athletes and the skills they hone, but I am not one to follow a team or an individual and track their progress or memorize their stats.
but I know a lot of people do.
and a lot of people follow baseball.
and most all of us have at least some knowledge of one of baseball's all time greats, babe ruth.
today, I'm writing about one of his sayings, because it's a pretty powerful statement that I need to continually pull up and chew on:

never let the fear of striking out get in your way.

one of my favorite movies of all time uses this line, though they tweak it a little, and every time I see or hear it I am reminded just how crucial this statement is to those of us humans who walk the earth with just a titch of fear within.
I love baseball hitting stats, because no one gets a hit every time they step up to bat.
in fact, they fail more than they succeed.
how encouraging!

I've heard that there are really only 2 ways to proceed through this world: to approach everything from a position of fear, or to approach everything from a position of love. I try to focus on the latter: a position full of forgiveness, acceptance, faith, and patience.
but occasionally I find myself operating from a place of fear. that's when the doubts creep in, the negative thinking, the pity party. what a debilitating place to hover; what a terrifying place to actually live.

babe ruth wouldn't let fear mess with his exuberance for the game he loved, and his advice is worth heeding in all aspects of life.
if babe hadn't gotten over his fears, he would never have made the 2873 hits he did.
if I hadn't gotten over the fear of buying my cannondale, I wouldn't have experienced the thousands of pleasures I have since that fated day.

never let the fear of striking out get in your way, nor let it keep you from playing the game.
there's too much to be gained each time you find the strength to swing that bat.

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