Friday, April 24, 2009


I may not have been out there riding yesterday, in that beautiful weather, with everyone else and their pet alligator, but I made up for it this morning.
I owned the bike lanes this morning.
from 5:30 until 6:50, not a single cyclist did I see. and the one I did see at 6:50 was the only other cyclist on my path during my entire 96 minute ride.

I had an awesome ride.
in the fullest meaning of that word.

I love these early morning spring rides, as the sky lightens so early that you are a full participant in the break of day. birds are already communicating in the pre-dawn dark, and the man-made world is silent and full of promise.
this morning the air was heavy with moisture, the kind that coaxes you to reach out and grab hold of it. precipitation is promised, but the hanging humidity has yet to reach the tipping point.

I planned my early morning ride yesterday, when the prediction was for isolated thunderstorms during the night and a darn good chance of rain today. before bed last night I set out 2 sets of clothes: outdoor riding clothes for a 50 degree morning, and spin class clothes just in case. I would look out the window upon arising and, if the pavement was wet, would choose the latter clothing selection.
dry pavement greeted me, and on went the leggings.

riding in full sunshine is a glorious thing, but the world is different at that point.

to begin my day before sunrise, to watch the morning slowly break across the sky, and to participate in the day's inauguration settles my soul and reaffirms my knowingness of just how awesome our world truly is.

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