Thursday, April 23, 2009

on being a bad ass

this evening was the season kick-off barbeque for the cycling team I've joined. no, this is not a racing team: you know I don't race.
this is a fund-raising team, pulled together to support two events: the MS 150 ride and the American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure.
this team has a number of sponsors---as they all do---but the main sponsor, who donates their name to the team, is bad ass coffee company.

to completely understand the little kick I get out of this, you need to know that I was one of those "good girls" growing up. I was the (almost) perfect student, got excellent grades, never made fun of other people, did the right thing (usually), and even earned the nickname suzie creamcheese from my friend who thought I removed my halo only to sleep.
so to be able to slap the words bad ass on my front and back and but is almost more than my little psyche can accept. it giggles and squirms, and probably blushes as well, to think that I have such strong and inaccurately descriptive words on my clothing.

I smile.

of course it's really just about meeting new people, finding some new cyclists to ride with, raising some money for a good cause, and ultimately enjoying a new experience.

will I dare wear those jersey and shorts in public?
the day of the event, yes.

will I ever wear them again?
I guess we'll have to see.

I'm not sure how my little ego and psyche will jostle away at each other when I'm actually wearing those clothes . . . but I know that the lighthearted, humor-seeking part of me will be one great big smile the entire time.

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