Saturday, April 25, 2009


I spent this morning inspecting pavement.
these were my observations:

wet, wet, wet, starting to dry in patches, looking more dry, wet, wet, beginning to dry in spots, possibly getting dry, maybe even rideable, wet, wet, wetter, way wet, wow, look at the rain bouncing off the pavement, really wet, wet, still wet.

had I been observing the sky, it would have been this:

gray, cloudy and gray, very gray above the foothills, clouds moving down, gray and cloudy, foothills disappeared, cloudy, gray, dark, clouds moving up, oh: snow on foothills, clouds moving back down, gray, gray, gray, gray.

I had hopes, for a while this morning, of being able to get on my bike for a short ride. I knew my chances were slim, but I was scouting out that pavement, waiting for just a bit more dryness, and it never happened. yes, I can ride on wet pavement, but it can be a pretty miserable thing. the rooster tail up the back is bad enough, but when it's also kicking up off the front wheel and getting you in the face, it's just no fun. add a temperature of 45 degrees to that, and just about anything will rank higher on my list of want-to-do's.
yes, even laundry.
even cleaning my house.
even working.
even sitting in that same rain watching my daughter's back-to-back lacrosse games.
from which I am still trying to thaw.

there is hope for tomorrow, as the chance of precipitation is only 40 percent.
some might say I have a 60 percent chance of dry pavement.

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