Tuesday, March 31, 2009

so very far away

today is the cut-off for signing up to ride in the MS 150 at the early-bird, discounted rate.
the actual event takes place during the last weekend of june.
that's 3 months away.
and it seems forever away.

I rode 35 miles ten days ago, and was almost exhausted at the end of that ride.
will I really get back to being able to ride 50 and 75 and (gulp) 100 without dropping like a . . . what, an autumn leaf? a rag doll? an exhausted human?

it's so very hard to imagine.

and then again, it's exciting to imagine. warm weather, sunny skies, sunblock. enthusiasm and powerful, positive energy. that sense of accomplishment . . . which you know I love . . . I know I will reach a point where I'm tired, and tired of riding, and tired of watching the miles oh so slowly tick by near the end. but then it will end, and I will have one more organized century tucked neatly under my little belt. which will make my total about 6.
yes, 6, that's all.
organized rides aren't terribly high on my dream list. yes, it is nice to have treat-and-water stops provided along the way, but that's the greatest benefit as far as I'm concerned. all the hype and jerseys and medals for completion aren't nearly as high up on my list.

the MS ride is a fundraiser, so that puts the ride into a different category: the entrance fee is minimal, the donated goods and volunteers are phenomenal, and you have to raise and contribute money to the cause to be able to ride. so the overall feeling of the event is different than most of the other organized rides around here.

june 27.
seems so very far away.

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