Friday, March 27, 2009

making it

a great truth I have discovered:
I always make it.

I have yet to die, I have yet to shatter or explode or disintegrate. I remain a fully (more or less) functioning human, with a positive attitude and a belief in the future.

this came to mind today as I was barreling downhill in the (what I will call) freezing cold, thinking to myself I might not make it, I was so darn cold.

then I realized, I always make it.

whether it be an uncomfortable social situation, an argument, a climb that makes my legs tremble with fatigue, or a yoga position that causes me to drip sweat and shake from the exhaustion of holding it.
whether it be a college semester that drains and depletes me, a disappointing business year that leads me to question the existence of said business, or the death of someone I love.
whether it be the sometimes unbearable pangs of loneliness, the panic of a speeding heartrate, the fear of a missing child, or the spent and quivering muscles that need to lift that weight just 5 more times.
I always make it.


I made it down the hill today, and my hands did not break off with the cold. my brain froze and unfroze, and it still functions as well as ever. my nose has returned to almost the same temperature as the rest of my body, and that long, hot shower convinced the rest of my body to keep going.
so this much I know: whatever gets placed in my path, whomever it is that throws a gauntlet down in front of me, whatever comes swirling into or out of my life, I can handle it.
because I'm still here, and that's proof enough for me.

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