Sunday, March 29, 2009


it's a snowy sunday morning, which means I went to spin class.
the instructor schedule for the past year or so has been alternating women on sunday mornings: one week D, and the next week M, on a fairly consistent rotation. I like their teaching styles, and although they are dissimilar, both allow me a great workout.
so this morning I was expecting to see D or M.
but instead, I got G.
deep sigh.
I have only had G as an instructor once before today, and at that time I made a decision to avoid her classes in the future, if at all possible.
I have made sure that it was always possible.
until today, when I (unfortunately) assumed (which almost always makes a you-know-what out of me) that my memorized schedule remained untouched.
she strode to the bike in the front of the room, and a small part of my inner workings were dismayed. G was not what I wanted to experience this morning.
let me tell you about G.
I have no idea how old she is, but if forced, would place her in her late 50's. I would guess her body fat percentage to be about 6. she has the energy of a 3-year-old who just ate a giant chocolate bar, and I think it's possible her endorphin level is consistently SO high that she appears to be on drugs.
within the first 5 minutes of class she spoke at least a few hundred words, and then shocked my nervous system into panic mode by blowing a whistle into her microphone.
if ever you are given a microphone in front of a group of people, please promise me you won't blow a whistle into it.
that was our "start" signal to begin a sprint.
then she did it again.
perhaps the terrified expressions on the 30 people facing her convinced her that she'd made her point, because after that she just screamed start into her headset.

this woman has more energy that any 3 people I know, combined and compressed into one.
and it's not a bad energy, it's just an energy that I find myself throwing up protective walls against.
at one point she started shaking her head from side to side and said, do you ever shake your head all around while you're on a spin bike, and get that feeling you did when you were a kid and you pushed your thumbs into your eyes? you know, like you're going to pass out or collapse or something? this wild feeling . . .

can too many endorphins do that to you?

I worked hard this morning, leaving with a sweat-coated body and a flushed face: she led a tough, aggressive, well-thought-out workout.

but I still am going to avoid her classes.
though later, tonight, I might try that thumb in the eye thing, just to see . . .

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