Sunday, March 22, 2009


I woke up this morning, sure that the ground would be wet, the skies would be gray, and it would be a damp, dreary morning leading to a day to spend inside.

the ground was dry.

the clouds in the sky were white, and breaking into pieces that unveiled blue beneath. the sun was still hiding behind the mountains that rim the eastern edge of the city, but I knew it was there and aching to throw its powerful self out into our valley.
my plan for the morning just got tweaked.
I had decided to sleep in, then, depending upon how I felt, either get dressed for and head to yoga, or get dressed for and head to spin class. they both take place at 9:30 on sunday mornings, just a mere floor apart, and I was going to let my body tell me which was more preferable.
but, dry roads and potential sunshine wreak havoc with a hide-indoors plan.
I had half a cup of coffee, then turned on my computer to check the weather.
50 percent humidity and 48 degrees at 9 am, and 50 degrees by ten. then wind and rain were to set in by 11 or 12.
oh, weak-willed susan.

I had cleaned my bike yesterday evening, giving it a good de-mudding and polishing after yesterday's ride through snow and meltage. it remained in my family room, and it stared back at me this morning as I thought about my plan.
sometimes the freedom to change your mind, to be uncommitted and flexible, is almost too powerful a freedom to want to have.

I gave my chain a quick lube, threw on what I hoped would be weather-appropriate gear, and got on the road before I could talk myself out of it.
it was chilly, but the refreshing, spring kind of chill. the sun played hide-behind-clouds for most of my ride, but I knew I'd made the right decision.
17 male bikers, 7 female, most friendly but a few decidedly not.
perhaps they were just too cold.

regardless, I fit my ride into the time I would have spent driving to, attending, and driving home from spin class, and had liters and liters of fresh air cleansing out my lungs as my reward for choosing the outdoor option.

and in great embarrassment and shame, I direct your attention to the comment found at the end of yesterday's post (labeled 1.5,35,2,and 2), where I was humbled by a fellow cyclist.
if you could see me right now, I'd have to admit the red on my cheeks is not due solely to windburn from yesterday's ride.

humility is a virtue, isn't it?

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