Wednesday, March 4, 2009

march forth

today is one of my favorite days of the year, because it gives us explicit instructions for how to proceed:
march forth.

how many other days during a year are we given such help?
exactly none.

so today, I will be marching forth. into whatever it is life will be bringing to me.
and I really have no idea what that might be.
I of course have hopes and dreams and desires, but my experience so far in this life here on earth is that you can't plan too much on anything.
a great activity I've discovered is to put myself back a year, two years, five years, and to try to remember what I was doing, thinking, and planning at that point. which I then compare to my current existence: this always brings a smile to my face and a laugh to my belly. because it always involves a who would have thought commentary.

monday night I received a gift from someone, and I want to share it here. it's a small piece of artwork, a simple watercolored sketch of wings with words penned over it, done by a local artist named Cindy Memmott. the words written on this seem appropriate to my musings today:

Oh beautiful angel, may I understand the wisdom of the winds bringing newness and change to my world.
I am grateful for the wind and release my cares to it.
I breathe in and know
all is well.

to which I will only add,
and now I march forth.

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