Monday, March 16, 2009

66 degrees

I got hit by the gomboo last friday, and when I started to come back to life this afternoon I ventured outside in turtleneck and jacket and thought I'd magically been transported to florida.
it was 66 degrees out there.
when did this happen?
last time I peaked, it was cold and windy and something like winter outside.
and this afternoon was decidedly spring-like. cycling weather. cycling-in-shorts weather.
oh my goodness.
so I just pulled up the weather forecast for the week (I know, it's already monday night: I told you I've been ill!) and my eyes did a little happy-dance as they skimmed through the highs and lows. oh my gosh, today was not just a fluke.
there is warm weather riding in my future, I can feel it.
of course, I have lost my ability to do anything athletic, having spent the last three and a half days primarily horizontal, aching and sniffling and moaning. it will take me weeks to earn back the muscle strength I've just lost . . .
that's what it feels like, anyway.
I am in a constant battle with gravity, as each minute added to my age has a corresponding iota of gravitational pull making it harder and harder for me to soar up those hills.
that's what it feels like, anyway.
and tonight, though the weather report entices me, I shrink back from thoughts of climbing on my beautiful bike because I know it will be more difficult than the last time I did so.
but I also know that I will get back on that pretty new bike.
this week.

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