Saturday, March 7, 2009

a break from me

I'm tired of myself, therefore it stands to reason that you might be, as well.
so today I will treat you to the words of one of my favorite authors, paulo coelho.

this is a page from his book warrior of the light: a manual (short notes on accepting failure, embracing life, and rising to your destiny) that I opened to, randomly, this morning:

"The Warrior of the Light is terrified when making important decisions.
'This is too much for you,' says a friend. 'Go on, be brave,' says another. And so his doubts grow.
After some days of anxiety, he withdraws to the corner of his tent where he usually sits to meditate and pray. He sees himself in the future. He sees the people who will benefit or be harmed by his attitude. He does not want to cause pointless suffering, but nor does he want to abandon the path.
The Warrior allows the decision to reveal itself.
If he has to say 'yes' he will say it bravely. If he has to say 'no' he will say it without a trace of cowardice."

may I always remember to walk with courage and shoulders back and high.

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