Friday, March 20, 2009

back, somewhat completely

I am back.
not completely normal,
quieter than usual,
but back.

back on my bike, that is.
me and all those other happy campers who were out glorying in the warm sunshine today . . . it was one of those rides where my left hand grew weary from all of the waving. my face didn't get tired of smiling, though, as it just felt so great to be outside doing what I love.

it was the warmest day of the year ---so far--- and not much could have held me back from getting out there. after the first mile or so of heading uphill I could feel the sun baking itself into my back, and I almost laughed out loud with delight and the remembering of that sensation. we have survived many months of cold and artificial warmth, and I was a little giddy with the authenticity of that sunlight's power.

I didn't ride as far as yesterday, as I wanted to save just a little of myself for tomorrow: the next warmest day of the year ---so far. I stopped at the top of emigration, and looked down on my favorite body of water, today a deep and mystic green, frozen sections playing hide and seek with my eyes. yesterday it was a cold gray, reflecting the sky, and today it was entirely different, shooting back the playfulness sent down by the sun. I breathed it all in, and turned to push my way back down the windy canyon.

tomorrow: we'll see what road beckons me, and whose call I will heed.

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