Friday, March 13, 2009

cough, sniff, sigh, ache

okay. I'm sick.
I'm shaking my head back and forth, telling myself this is just so unfair.

I don't do sick.

that got a little laugh from me, which promptly made me start coughing. ow.
in yoga thursday morning we were on our backs, then rolled our legs and hips up so that we were approaching a shoulder stand position. this squishes your lungs, which threw me into a coughing fit and ruined any sense of peace that had developed in the room. I rolled down, and coughed myself out of the room.

I have kleenex at hand, and tighten my core to protect my back every time I cough.
I'm currently wondering how I'll get to sleep tonight.
I'm also wondering if I'll get out and ride tomorrow, my first opportunity on a mid-50's partly-sunny day in such a long time I can hardly remember . . .
which brings me to my age-old dilemma of
when to push and when to rest.
I'm rolling my eyes.
why does it so often come to this?
I want to ride: I want the fresh air on my face, the feel of my beating heart and pumping legs. I want to see the changes in the canyon brought by the past two weeks. I want to get back on my pretty new bike, I want to play with all those new gears.
but I also want to end this episode of "sickness visits susan." it's boring, tiring, and already old news.
for all of us.

a hot toddy sounds lovely, if only I knew how to make one.

I guess it's just some more ibuprofen, a glass of water, and a cough drop or two by my bedside.
and hopefully, a more cheerful story to relay tomorrow.

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