Thursday, March 12, 2009


I think it's possible that we all escape to fantasyland when life is just too much too handle.
I don't go there very often, but I'm finding myself wanting desperately to be there right now.
it has something to do with the global economy, something to do with a pending court hearing, something to do with fighting twins, something to do with changes in my business life, and quite a lot to do with my weakened physical state.
this conundrum that is my life is usually something I can just ride out . . . both literally, by escaping on my bike, and figuratively, as I just flow with the ups, downs, challenges and joys that come my way.
but today,
I am heading to fantasyland.
join me.

in this fantasy, I get to ride my bike with a small group of cyclists who choose to travel at about the same speed I do. we are in europe for a month or two, and this week we are somewhere in france. a van travels ahead of us, transporting our gear, clothing, and necessities, so that we are burdened only with a few snacks, spare tubes and tools, perhaps an extra jacket, and a handful of euros for when we stop to lunch. make that a visa card, ever so much easier (and lighter) to carry.
in the van, with my luggage, I have a supply of books and a journal, and at each stop I have hours to read or write or socialize with my fellow cyclists, all of whom are delightful and unpretentious.
we've been riding for days on end, but it is of such a pleasant nature that I feel I could do it forever. there's no rush, no deadlines. the hills and valleys roll by us, and nature just drapes herself around us as we pass streams and forests and glades.
I know I have escaped real life, but it exists, still, in that parallel universe, and seems to be managing just fine without me. in fantasyland I check back on real life, and it moves along, barely noticing my absence, whispering to me, go ahead, ride, sleep, enjoy ~ we are fine.
one day we ride in a misty rain, and we laugh.
one day is so hot we sweat before we start pedaling, and we ride anyway, knowing we will cut ourselves some slack to arrive at the next village still energized for an evening of excellent dining and superb conversation.
we still find things to talk about, those of us in our small group. each day brings new thoughts and observations, as we reconnect with truth and earth. the daily lives we've all known have slipped far away as we rediscover our strengths and joys and loves.
switzerland is next, as we head toward italy, where we will spend our final days.
each day brings me peace, and I breathe more deeply as we move more deeply into our adventure.
I laugh more, I tell more stories, I am more relaxed.
I wake with energy, I go to sleep gratefully.
I am so very glad to be alive, so thankful to be who I am.

a little bit of fantasyland is going to stick with me, tonight.
and maybe tomorrow, too.
and I think I'll hold on to a small piece of it for the next day, as well.

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