Wednesday, March 25, 2009

indoor sports

it's snowing,
seriously, this time.
white is piling up on the lawn, and even my back patio and sidewalks.
and I am okay with it.

partially because it gives me an excuse to not fit a bike ride into my day. these not-appropriate-for-biking days give me a chance to relax the part of me that thinks I should be on my bike every day.

this morning at spin class I was talking with biking buddy bob about riding outside last saturday, when the temperature topped 70 degrees. he rode later in the day than I did, and didn't get the tan lines that I did, but we both traveled much of the same path, as it's one of the most biking-friendly paths this early in the season.
he actually golfed 18 holes that morning, then went for a ride in the mid-afternoon, and was thinking that's a pretty good way to spend a day. then we talked about the unbelievable winds that day, and I commented that on my way home, riding through the golf course, I was thinking that it would have been a nasty day to be trying to hit a ball straight down a green. we joked about his picking 2 activities that are not best during strong wind days. then biking buddy bill chipped in, saying, you know, there really aren't too many activities that are great on those kind of windy days. maybe bowling, or pool . . .
which made for a good laugh.

and which isn't to say that pool and bowling don't have their place in the big scheme of things. in fact, on a day like today, a good game of bumper bowling might be just the ticket.

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