Wednesday, September 30, 2009

inside not out

I didn't ride this morning.
I didn't go work out.
I didn't even sleep in.
I got up, pushed the button on the coffeemaker, and took my sweet time coming to life.

I watched the rain, what I could see under the downward glow of the streetlight near my window. I listened to the rain, slapping against my roof and hitting the pavement and loudly joining the flow of water rushing through the gutters.
I felt the cold air when I opened the door, and I sighed in pleasant acceptance of the fact that it was the kind of morning to luxuriate indoors and be grateful for roofs and blankets and hot coffee mugs.

it's clearing now, and 5:30 this morning seems so very, very long ago. I loved being trapped indoors, having my option to ride taken away from me.
for today, that is.
funny, isn't it, how a little taste of something is fine, but much more of it can irritate or upset us, even possibly sending us over the edge?
if it rained tomorrow and the next day and I was unable to ride outside for 3 or 4 days, I would turn grumpy and hold a little spot of miserable inside my heart.
but for today, and only today, I am quite pleased to have enjoyed the weather and cocooned myself a bit and spent my day on the inside looking out.

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