Friday, September 4, 2009

golden orbs

last night I saw the moon peeking through the trees around my house. it was sitting to my south and slightly west, and it was lit so brightly the beams shot straight through the greenery to my doorstep.
this morning at 5 I saw that same moon, only it had changed from brilliant white to a creamier white with a golden glow.
and by the time I was heading downhill from the top of Little Mountain, staring from my hilltop perch out over the western sky, that same moon was huge and low and yellow gold.

when I started up the canyon I thought there was a car somewhere far behind me, its headlights giving a gentle illumination to the space around and ground in front of me. after a few moments of silence ~ no noise indicating an approaching engine ~ and a quick glimpse behind me, I realized it was the moon, sending its filtered light serenely down to earth.
I felt its company the entire ride, its tranquil presence just there, like a cherished companion.
further up the canyon, where the road turns back on itself and the narrowness gives way to open space and glimpses of the city far below, I turned off my light and glided quietly uphill under misty moonlight.

fires throughout our western states have covered our land with air full of smoky particles that give a hazy appearance to everything. as the sky lightened this morning and the mountain silhouettes became visible everything still remained lightly shrouded, as though behind a finely meshed screen.
flaming sunsets and golden moons result from these late season fires, and it's just one more indication that we are in summer's death spiral, soon to flow effortlessly into the exuberant and lavish fall we utahns are so fortunate to experience each year.

ps: we're already more than 6 hours into this month's full moon . . . don't miss it!

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