Tuesday, September 8, 2009

3 x 3, ibuprofen, and face cream

today was a 3x3 day.
3 intervals, each 3 minutes long.
mission accomplished, and looking forward to tomorrow's 2 intervals.

two! only two!

this means the big day is creeping nearer.
today I set out GUs and shot blocks, beginning my packing for the event. tomorrow I'll get out the water bottles, and sort goodies into bags so that my support team (that would be john) will know exactly what to bring me at each rest stop.
I'll probably also start pulling all my cold-weather gear (arm and leg warmers, full gloves, skull cap, jacket, toe covers, and whatever else I dig up) and extra bike supplies (tire, tubes, cartridges) and packing them in a bag.
tomorrow I also take my pretty black ruby in for a new chain: this one has over 4000 miles on it, so I think a change-out is wise. prophylactics, you know.
which reminds me, got to pack the ibuprofen, too.

my clothes for saturday night and sunday are usually the very last thing I think about. everything else is so much more important that I have, in the past, neglected to bring everything I need. both years I've started to get dressed sunday morning, looked into my bag, and thought, what in the world was I thinking?

you know what I was thinking. electrolytes, calories, body temperature, bike maintenance . . . survival.
real-world clothing, shampoo, and face cream are just minor aspects of life at this point.

come next sunday, though, I hope that they will begin to matter again.

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