Wednesday, September 16, 2009


this is a truth of american society:
friendships change when you go through a divorce.

people don't know what to do with us half-a-couple singles, or they get tired of being sympathetic, or perhaps they never liked us that well in the first place. whatever the situation, the result is the same: we get left out.
I think it happens to females more than males, but I can't prove it.
but what it does is leave us looking for new friendships, new ways to spend our time, new groups of people to develop relationships with.
for me, it has slowly but surely opened up the opportunity to build friendships with a quirky collection of other slightly-sick-and-twisted gluttons-for-punishment cycling people.

and this morning a series of emails were flying amongst this treasured group of mine. and they are just too good not to share, so here goes.

the players:
B, a physician in his 50's whose wife no longer rides but has supported him during his past 7 lotojas.
W, a professor who climbs every hill 2 times faster than me, whose wife runs and rides. she has not done lotoja . . . yet. they have a 10 year old son.
R, an incredibly fit cancer survivor in his early 40's, childless, engaged to J.
J, a petite fireball in her 30's who is one strong and cheerful rider, ready to tackle anything. engaged to R.
A, a physician just a few years older than me who can drop me on the flats but usually keeps me company climbing up hills. his wife doesn't ride, and he's been incredibly busy this past year with the h1n1 visitation.
S, that's me. you know all you need to know about me.

the situation: we all just rode lotoja 4 days ago. this involves 2 nights in hotels and basically 50+ hours away from home. not to mention the pre-training and the post-tired.
then, late last night, B sends an email out, wondering if anyone would like to ride this fundraising ride 3 days from now . . .

B: Anybody interested in a little more pain for a good cause? (then he includes a link to the website that describes the ride: our city's toughest 4 canyons, 110 miles, over 12,000 vertical gain.)

S: ARGH!!!!!

J: I saw this and I'm like...F*#$ it! Let's do it! We were both relieved when we realized that we'll be out of town for a wedding this weekend. Next year, let's plan on it!!

A: How about 1 canyon and a check????

W: ithinki'dbesingle

R: oh come on you can do it. I would do it if I was going to be home.

B: some very good replies - it was tough but the award goes to - W.

thus, I don't think you'll see a single one of us this saturday riding up and down the wasatch front's favorite canyons . . . not by ourselves nor in a merry band of biking buddies.

but it's fun to have my inbox fill up, and it's sure nice to have friends, isn't it?

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