Tuesday, September 1, 2009

the ends of everything

today is one of those days.
you know the ones, where nothing is outrageously wrong but nothing is perfectly right, either. little things eat away at the day, and nothing much is accomplished. it's hot, but not unbearably hot enough to blame for the lethargy hanging around. the mail brings junk and more junk and nothing friendly or financially exciting. friends and family ask for favors ~ again, nothing large or difficult ~ and every errand takes just 5 minutes longer than planned.
kids complain and want more than they have, and you are giving all that you have to give, and stretch as you might, the ends of everything just don't quite make it to the middle.

I started today with yoga: shouldn't it be a great day?

my head hurts and my belly is complaining and I want to go live on a ranch in wyoming where the wind blows and I can lock myself inside and stare out at a great big expanse of land for hours on end.
until it's time to get back on my bike, and I will then wish to be in calm salt lake city where the wind is kinder and gentler and where the mountains that rim the urban sprawl provide shelter from all of the busy realities of the valley floor.

tomorrow I'd better go for a ride. and perhaps, then, the ends of everything will become a little more supple and elastic and find a way to meet back in the middle.

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