Saturday, September 19, 2009

an open letter to the lotoja organizers

dear guys,

let me begin by thanking you for your dedication to making the Lotoja event one of the most well organized races in our country. each year I've participated in this event I have been impressed with the attention you have given to every detail of the race, and even more importantly, your ability to clearly convey this information to all participants.
I am making a significant assumption now, but have confidence in my belief that the vast majority of us who have participated in your races during these past few years are thankful for your laudable commitment to thoroughness, accuracy, and precision.

given the above, I am reluctant to find fault with anything you've done. nevertheless, I was sorely disappointed by two aspects of this year's race, and feel I must share my disgruntledness if for no other reason than to help you improve future executions of your exemplary event.

first, I reluctantly find fault with the Green Team addition to this year's race. it was admirable of you all to point out the significant "carbon footprint" issue caused by the numerous support vehicles traveling from Logan to Jackson, and to offer a way for us to counterbalance this by purchasing carbon offsets. I thought this was an excellent idea, and was thrilled to make my small contribution. however, I saw nothing about the Green Team anywhere, anytime, except on the registration form and on your website. I didn't receive my support vehicle signage, nor the promised decal, nor the green wristband I was told I would be able to proudly wear on race day.
nor did I see decals, wristbands, or special signage on any other Lotoja participant.
what happened to the Green Team?

second, and much more importantly, what in the world am I supposed to do with that silly hanger? it doesn't even have a date on it: it looks like something I could have bought at the Lotoja store. I love my "sprockets" and was eager to earn one more: I cannot even begin to express my disappointment at receiving that ridiculous red hanger.
if enough of us banded together and approached you with a proposal to make us sprockets with 2009 on them, would you make them for us? I'd gladly return my hanger so you can sell it to someone else. I'd even pay for my sprocket. Please?

truly, guys, those are my only two complaints. it's even okay that you only had fruit and drinks at the first neutral support stop: these things happen.


PS: please let me know about the sprocket: I didn't even mention the timing chip problem and the non-working text message system, because these things happen. but it seems only fair that you could help us out with the silly hanger thing in return.


Anonymous said...

They must have listend to you, although, not quite sure why you wouldn't want a "patented" VĂ©lo Sport Hanger and I never would have thought to put a patent on a hanger. It will cost you. Nothing is free. $14.95

susan said...

you're right, nothing is free. and then there's the $8 shipping charge on top . . .
the problem is that I just happen to care about this award. no other medals or hats (thank you 1000 warriors) or other "finisher" prizes mean much to me; lotoja is different.
so, I will be one of the suckers buying a replacement medal for this event. (well, actually, john ordered it for me, knowing exactly how I feel about the hanger....)