Thursday, October 1, 2009

gumby and elastigirl

sam taught yoga this morning.
he's the ashton kutcher look-alike, though I'm not sure if ashton owns a pink knit watch cap like the one sam wore this morning. but it's certainly possible.
I like sam.
and this morning he had me grinning as he talked about super bendy people.
now if you're super bendy you'll be able to do this easily, but for those of us who aren't......
I fall into the latter category, the "aren't."
I'm not a gumby.
I creak when I bend, and there are some directions in which I just don't fold.

his talk about super bendy people led me to think about gumby, and elastigirl, from the incredibles.
once in a while our dinner table conversation gravitates to which super hero powers you'd want to have. would you rather be able to move from one place to another in an instant, or be the strongest person on earth? would you like to be invisible, or would you like to be elastigirl? one of my daughters always chooses elastigirl, though, to be honest, I think that's all about being lazy and wanting to have things without moving to go get them.

sam's yoga practice brought to mind gumby and elastigirl, but this had nothing to do with being lazy. it was all about having a body that moves and flexs and bends gracefully and easily: no small goal, however natural it might seem to be. being bendy either comes as part of who you are (gumby, elastigirl, ballerinas, gymnasts), or it's something you work at constantly.
I work at it for my body, but I think I work harder at it for my mind.
I believe I have a super bendy mind.
this is a mind that can flow and adjust, can stretch and bend, and yet always retain its healthy self. it likes exercise, it likes to flex itself. it's comfortable with backbends and leaps (especially those of faith) and truly loves to be twisted and then right itself again.
it can listen to opposing opinions, it can take in new information. it can expand and swell and push itself all the way around to the other side, and see two visions simultaneously. it can accept dichotomies. it's comfortable with gray. and most fabulous of all, it knows that the more it exercises itself, the more gumby-like it becomes.
sam has no idea what he started when he spoke of super bendy people this morning.
but my mind heard those words and took off running. and twisting. and bending a bit, too.

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