Saturday, October 3, 2009

if today were my last day

yesterday was a blustery day. coming down emigration the wind was beating me up as I pushed my way through it, and I was teetering on the edge of not having fun. (from biking 101: downhill is supposed to contain some element of fun.)
then a thought blustered into my mind: what if today were my last day on earth? would I still push this hard downhill, or would I relax just a little, ease off slightly on those pedals, and breathe a bit more slowly? would I look around more than usual, and with each breath, pull every bit of that beauty inside me?

I slowed down.
a bit.

I lightened my force on the pedals, breathed more deeply, soaked in a little bit more of the vibrantly orange trees, and smiled. my heartrate dropped and my entire body eased its grip on my bike, on my mind, on my life. I was deeply at peace with the world, the gorgeous world that surrounded me.

until I looked behind me and saw a guy in blue sitting on my wheel.
and I'm sure you know what happened next:
I sped up.

but for five beautiful moments I rode my bike, thinking about the sheer pleasure of an easy downhill spin during the fall on a sunny, chilly, absolutely perfect day.
I may have to do that more often.

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