Saturday, February 21, 2009

why I should ski

today I am going to be short and sweet (which I really am, anyway) because I am "under the weather." [please recall my earlier post where I described the origin of that phrase . . . if you don't remember, it's all about sailors on ships. and though I haven't been anywhere near a boat, raft, or ship, I am wanting to be cuddled safely below life's deck.]

bill took some pictures last sunday while he was skiing, and forwarded them to me the other day. I looked at them and thought to myself, I should be skiing.
I grew up skiing, beginning with a rope tow and poms and T-bars in the wilds of central Michigan. my dad was on the weekend ski patrol, and every saturday morning we would pile in the car with thermoses of coffee and hot chocolate, and drive for 2 hours to the ski resort. if my brother and I were lucky, at the end of the day we'd all go to the bar and I would be served a 7-Up in a tall, narrow frosted glass, and I would sip on this through a skinny straw and pretend I was just as cool and as important as all the grown-ups in their apres-ski sophistication. in between the hot chocolate and the 7-Up I could have frozen, done a cartwheel on skis, lost a ski once or twice in a fall, and believed my nose would break off from the cold, but the memory that remains is of joy and excitement.

so, the pictures above are two awesome reasons why I should be skiing again, and perhaps some other day I will provide my list of excuses as to why I'm not up there on the mountain.

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