Friday, February 27, 2009


I love to count.
you know this if you've read me very much.
I count trees on medians between the traffic lanes, I count chairs on porches. I count cyclists and cars and birds' nests and waves. I count churches and dogs and motorcycles and smiles.
there's rarely a point to my counting, other than to challenge my brain or take my mind off all of those things it likes to complain about.
I bring this up this morning because I found myself counting during spin class, and I counted the same thing I counted last friday morning, which was how many people were in class. and of what sex they were.
and both fridays have been the same:
one female instructor
seven males on spin bikes
one female on spin bike (me)

now this strikes me as decidedly odd.

I've often counted males and females during classes, comparing and contrasting the two, trying to place some importance on a preponderance of one or the other. during power camp I finally settled on there being a male-to-female ratio of approximately 2.5:1, and I came up with a number of different reasons why it would be that way: women have to be home in the morning to get their kids up and moving, while men are more apt to have the attitude "I'm going to work out so goodbye;" in general, more men are into cycling than women; the intense course schedule might attract men more than women, and so on.
I certainly don't know the truth.

but this 7 men 1 woman class situation intrigues me. what are the rest of the women doing on friday mornings? why don't they come to spin?
maybe it's the instructor: do men find her style more accessible/pleasing/appropriate/fitting than women do?
I am somewhat selective about who I'll take a class from, but I can't imagine what anyone could find offensive about the friday morning instructor: she's not overly gorgeous nor is she loud and obnoxious, she isn't unkind, and she leads a challenging workout but one can always work at whatever pace they want, as only the spinner themselves are in charge of their little resistance knob.
so . . .
I have no answers.
but I'm still intrigued.
and I'm sure I will be there next friday morning, eager to see if my count will hold, or if the universe will juggle things around and send me a few more female companions.

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