Wednesday, February 18, 2009

vernal desires

a list of things I'd like to do this spring:

really pay attention to the deciduous trees, watching buds unfurl and leaves journey from childhood to maturity.

go on walks on warm evenings when our city is moving through those magical twilight hours.

sleep out under the stars, cuddled in as many blankets as I need.

ride my bike up millcreek canyon, past the locked gate, as far as I can on the unplowed road until the snow completely blocks my path.

m a y b e go on a mountain bike ride on the bonneville trail on the northeast ridge of our valley, looking down over the city and breathing in gratitude and peace.

be patient.

ride my bike in moab before the heat takes over for the summer.

eat more fresh vegetables, as they (hopefully) start looking happier in the grocery store.

enjoy my children, taking deep breaths and utilizing my patience as they move through the challenges that spring tends to bring.

ride my bike up emigration and watch little dell reservoir go through the thawing process, bit by bit, until the last vestiges of ice linger only in the deep pockets of shoreline.

breathe deeply, regularly, often, and thank the universe for all the beautiful things it's bringing my way.

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