Saturday, February 14, 2009

heart day

it struck me this morning that what this web log is truly all about is heart.
heart work, that is.
thus, today seems appropriate for acknowledging and celebrating that fact.

this blog came about because I find such joy in cycling, such stimulation and such an opening up of my creative process when I ride. I needed a place to document my thoughts and ideas and observations, which ultimately come through my heart, the soulful part of my body. the thought may originate in my mind, but my heart works it over before it ends up here in print. everything I write here has been processed through my heart and is tweaked by what my heart tells me that day.

and of course, I write here about my heart, the muscle. how hard it works, how far I push it, and how grateful I am for its health and very existence. everything I write about my physical activities involve that incredible muscle, from gentle yoga to strenuous climbs that push me past what I thought were my limits.

therefore, today, valentine's day, just seems to be the perfect day to acknowledge the symbolic heart of my blog, which just happens to be, my heart.

love often, love deeply, love without reserve, and as leigh standley says, love imperfectly with great delight. \
happy valentine's day, with an extra special hug to Liz and all of those who love her.

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