Monday, February 23, 2009

standing on one's head

this morning I stood on my head for the longest time yet . . . my legs straight and (almost) unwavering, my core working at every moment to hold my body in alignment.
I am mastering a new skill, and this morning's experience was a gift, a sign that I am making progress.

I need these things in my life, the signs that my efforts are moving me in the right direction. feedback from the universe, if you will, that tells me there will be payoffs from my dedication and focus.
to continually work and not receive encouragement or at the minimum, some small indication that what you're doing is leading somewhere, is to live in an endless tunnel. we all need to see the light at the end, whether it be bright and strong or the tiniest pinprick. I can live with a pinprick for a long time.

which is what I've been doing with my headstands.
given, I don't practice them nearly as often as I could, but I have been focusing on core strength and stability for so long now, and throwing the headstands in when I remember to, and I am absolutely thrilled to have received some positive feedback today.
it makes me want to stand on my head again.
I can see the circle forming:
practice, receive reward, want to practice more, get better, receive more rewards, practice lots more . . .

I am just a pavlovian dog.

who likes to stand on her head.

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