Tuesday, February 10, 2009


if I were to search through my prior postings and take a count, I wonder how many times some form of the word "squeeze" would appear.
squeezing is something I do a lot of.
(today I experimented with squeezing into a new pair of jeans, but that's a different story.)
the kind of squeezing I'm writing about is where one takes a specific number of tasks, chores, and events, and squishes them into a day that is meant to hold a number somewhat smaller than the one you propose.
squeezing wears me out.
perhaps if I used different terminology I could train my brain to not be worn out by the experience.
perhaps, say, work. I could use the word, work, as in I'm sure I'll be able to work that into my day.
but that implies effort, work, difficulty, and might produce a negative feeling.
perhaps just the simple word fit. as in I can definitely fit that into my day.
better, as fit comes without that efforting connotation that work does. and it definitely loses the stress that comes with squeezing.

it's all a mind game, really, so if I can change my language I can probably ease my sense of being worn out by it all, right?
I often talk about squeezing a bike ride into my day, and the ride itself might be challenging, but it's not the part that tires me. it's everything else I have to do to make too many activities squeeze into one day.
however --- this is what I'm telling my brain right now --- if all I have to do is fit these things into my day, alongside my bike ride, I should be just fine. fitting is much less of an effort than squeezing, and markedly less than working.

so this is my plan. tomorrow, everything I choose to place on my agenda will fit smoothly into my waking hours, and I will never feel as though I'm squeezing too many things into too little time.
I am fit, and I can fit.
there you have it: my new approach to life.

I will keep you posted on my level of fitness.

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