Wednesday, February 4, 2009

mysteries, part I

I visited my favorite place on earth today.
just saying that makes my heart swell.
I am so fortunate that I am able to do this, and I know that being able to do so places me in a relatively small, select group of people.
I decided to show you a picture of this spot so you can possibly relate a little more to my discussions: this is an aerial photo of Little Dell reservoir, and you can see part of the road I ride directly to the north of the water.
I had hoped to find a more current picture, but you will just have to envision the changes winter have brought to this spot.
today the western end of the reservoir is completely white, blanketed in solid white snow. as is the eastern.
but the space in the middle is still in that fragile state between liquid and solid, where crystals hang in a slow-moving existence, connecting with each other and slowly, oh so slowly, building new worlds.
a crack lies deep in this slushy no-man's-land, crossing from north to south, and the entire middle space has been decorated with those mysterious swirls that make me think of mold spores and amoeba.
I want to understand the process of freezing, and why these swirls develop, but I don't want to work too hard to reach that understanding. I recognize that half of what I love about the swirls is their very mystery.

which segues nicely into the rest of my topic: the enticement and intriguing nature of a good mystery.
my mystery today --- besides swirl development --- is that my odometer reading jumped by 25 miles since saturday's ride, without me having ridden my bike.
I mentioned that I rode in colorado on saturday: I had taken my front wheel off for the car trip, and just put the wheel back on my bike today. I clicked my cyclometer to "trip" so I could clear the mileage from saturday's ride, and it read 60.3 miles.
I did not ride 60 miles on saturday.
I rode 35.
did someone sneak into the garage, take my bike for a ride, then replace it (removing the wheel again) without my knowledge?
my total odometer reading was also increased by 25 miles, to 9032 instead of the 9007 it should have been.
how did this happen?

I have no idea.

no idea.

if you know, please tell me.

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