Friday, February 6, 2009

shopping around

I test rode a new bike this morning.
I felt almost guilty, a little disloyal, for even thinking about a different bike.
my cannondale has been my friend for 28 beautiful months, and has put up with a great deal of questionable behavior on my part during that time. can I truly cast it aside someday?
this is my dilemma.
I am a pretty loyal person, have always been. perhaps it goes hand in hand with the commitment thing: I'm not flighty, I don't jump ship easily, and I tend to stick with things that treat me well in return.
but I also like change. I like newness, I like variety, I often crave new experiences and modifications to what already exists.
therein lies the rub . . .

what is it that tips us over the edge from one way of doing things, to another?
it must be the result of a cost-benefit analysis; that's the only logical answer, right?
we assess what's good and bad about our current situation, then predict what will happen if we were to make the change. what will we give up, and what will we gain? and what will the cost be, financial or otherwise?
we weigh those options, and then --- if you're me --- you close your eyes and jump.

this is how I bought my cannondale 28 months ago. I took a good look at how much I was riding, what kind of riding it was, and what the riding was doing for me physically and emotionally. then I considered what I would lose: mainly the comfort level I had with my current bike and how it operated, and a chunk of cash.
I weighed, then closed my eyes and jumped.
and have never regretted it.

today as I consider a new bike, I have to think back on the cannondale purchase experience. I was nervous, I was entering a new unknown (to me) world, and it was a serious financial commitment. and I have never, not even for a minute, experienced remorse.

riding this new bike down the street I thought, it will be hard to let my old bike go.
but I think I was wrong.
I believe if I make this new purchase, I will always be glad I did so. I will be just as I have been with the cannondale: never regretting, at all.

however, I am still wobbling. yes, no, yes, no. maybe I should look around more; maybe I want a different color. will it really be that much different and is it worth the investment?

what I know for sure is that pretty soon I will have to close my eyes and jump, one way or the other.

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