Tuesday, February 3, 2009

new terrain

outdoor ride last saturday! woo-hoo!
temperature in the mid forties, sunshine blaring down, and you know I want to be out there riding.
the only difference was that I wasn't in utah.
I was in a little old place called grand junction, in the beautiful state of colorado.
and it was there that I passed another milestone:
I hit the big 9000.
and took a moment to celebrate on a street called Pricilla's Way, out in the middle of somewhere, colorado.
it was one of those rides that I always wish I could experience around here, and just cannot. the roads were long and built of flat sections, false flats, and gently rolling pieces with fun little rises and quick little drops. and most importantly, very few stoplights or cars.

I think about living in different places, and how I would feel about the biking. saturday's ride was similar to what I could do if I lived in, say, Logan. or perhaps some other big, wide, under-populated valley. living where I do, I have become a canyon rider. I rarely just stay in the city, and when I do, I still ride the eastern bench that climbs and drops somewhat significantly. I get to choose which canyon to climb, based on my feelings each day.
what if I lived in, say, Iowa? or Nebraska? would I have started biking? and if so, would I have worked on speed instead of the strength needed to climb? how would I be the same, and how would I be different?

which leads me to a place of gratitude once again:
I am so grateful to be where I am. thanks to my parents who moved me out to utah all those years ago. thanks to my career and decision path that took me away but brought me back. thanks to the confluence of events and experiences that have me so well planted, exactly where I am.

saturday's ride was glorious. fresh air, beautiful scenery, great company, and as challenging as I wanted it to be. I hit my milestone, I experienced some new terrain, and I was able to spend 2 hours doing something I truly love.

for that, today, I am purely grateful.

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