Friday, May 22, 2009

yellow daisies and white moons, or, evening rides are great, too

I rode last evening, and was gifted with the realization that evening rides this time of year are pretty awesome.

it began with the weather: mid-seventies, not too much of a breeze, and pure sunshine everywhere. pretty good foundation.
then the cyclists: I was just one of many out and about. I was heading up the canyon, and cyclists passed me coming down in two's and three's and a few singles, and not a one of the first dozen or so even acknowledged me. but I knew the sun was behind me, lowering itself in the western sky, so I just laughed and decided those other people just couldn't see me, and that's why they weren't responding to my waves and smile. attitude is everything.
and then came a few great big smiles, which cheered me considerably, convincing me to retain my affable demeanor. those grins coming at me could have been due to my somewhat bare top and sexy (or frumpy, depending upon your perspective) biking skort: but it really doesn't matter. it's nice to be on the receiving end of a little friendliness.
and did I mention the weather? a few degrees cooler in the canyon, it was the absolute perfect temperature, and the air surrounding me welcomed and gently embraced me with that early summer feeling that can't be found any other time. the gift of a new season.

and then the daisies. the entire northern hillsides that line the road by the reservoir are bestrewn with gorgeous yellow daisies, whose faces lift joyfully toward the sky. I haven't ridden that road in at least a week, and I want to know when they burst forth, for they must have all decided to do so at the same moment. a delicate explosion of color and glee.

finally, the creme de la creme, the piece de resistance. I had ridden up the road toward east canyon just a mile or so, and turned to head back home. approaching the eastern end of the reservoir, I noticed the collection of cars in the parking lot. many people park there to then go hike, or kayak, or mountain bike on the nearby trails. the cars were probably 50 or so yards from me. a handful of men caught my eye, as they must have just returned from a mountain bike ride, standing with their bikes in the lot by a couple cars. one man was near a car door, with his back to me, and suddenly he bent down and stripped off his bike shorts, presenting his naked backside to --- well, the world, truly --- me and I could do nothing but grin from ear to ear.
I think I tried to look away, but geez, here was this very nice looking male backside just available for view . . .
and then I was past, as a girl on a moving bike can't just stop moving (I think that's one of those laws: an object in motion will remain in motion......).
and that caps my incredible evening ride.
I may have to switch to evenings for a while, when the flowers are fully open to the day, and the moon is possibly visible, as well.

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