Monday, May 4, 2009

tan lines

I have a permanent tan line right across the middle of my femur. well, on the skin that covers my femur, actually.
it fades to a less distinct mark during the winter, but it doesn't ever go away anymore.
a few weeks ago when we had a 70 degree day, that line popped right back out in all its glory, and I am once again an irregularly two-toned person.

as shown in my beautiful artwork, left.

during biking season I don't dare put on a swimsuit, for I look like an idiot. especially a 2-piece: talk about ridiculous. come to think of it, I don't really want to put one on ever anymore.

I used to have a gardening tan, which had similar issues on the legs, but a little more tan on the shoulders and upper back. with gardening, I would also get an elliptical shape of tan on my lower back where my top and shorts would separate as I bent over to weed, and weed, and weed.

but cycling leaves me with a tan from shoulder to wrist, with the backs of my hands remaining white.
and tan from mid-thigh to ankle bone, with white feet.
( many of my riding tops have cut-ins on the back, so I have fluctuating tan lines around my shoulder blades, with the middle of my back always white. )

betcha can't wait to see me on the beach.
(or even better, displaying my work at an art show . . . )

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