Thursday, May 28, 2009


nothing is as it seems: it's all what you make it.

a few days ago someone asked me why I was so peaceful. I thought about it, and attributed it to my spirituality, my ability to access the divine aspect of myself, and my faith.
but this morning in yoga I realized that it mostly has to do with breathing.

our instructor this morning talked for just a moment (while we're stretching and bending and holding some impossible pose as our muscles and minds shriek at us) about yoga's ability to teach us to deal with difficulties presented to us. as we learn to breathe through those impossible poses (and what our minds and bodies shout at us), we are learning the life skill of being able to breathe through challenging encounters and situations that the world seems to throw at us.


it's really all in how you view it, isn't it?

so I breathe, and I re-frame things so that they look differently than they may at first appear.
it may seem that I am indifferent, or purposefully ignoring reality, but what I am really doing is accepting, surrendering, and finding a way to peace.

because our realities differ, our views and perspectives differ, and I find that what's most important to me is to make my reality one of a peaceful path through this journey we call life on earth.

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