Tuesday, May 12, 2009

keeping your eyes on the road

today the universe has been teaching me a lesson.
some days I get to cruise through, like a day of study hall, no classes, just goofing off and hanging out with the rest of humanity, flowing with what life brings. I love those days.
and other days come with small a-ha's and fun little realizations.
and then there are days like today, when I get roped into a virtual life experiment and sent whipping through trial after trial, ordered home with a grundle of homework, then examined the rest of the day and, of course, found wanting.

I haven't encountered pure roadblocks today, I have just had my path redirected time and time again and been hurtled over a speedbump or two. I thought I learned that yellow is yellow, then I discovered that yellow is really orange and everything I'd thought about the color wheel was wrong.
back to kindergarten again.

some of the today's challenges have been of my own making: had I approached one issue differently, it could have gone more smoothly. and this is part of today's lesson for me: to learn when it's best to just bite the bullet and do something you don't want to do, rather than think there might be an easier/better/simpler way to accomplish the task.
then again, the universe threw a few last-minute changes at me, and those often result in my ability to sustain coherent thought processes flying right out the window.

lessons gently confronting me today:
  • plan further ahead, even when you think you don't need to.
  • slow down and think things through when surprises clobber you.
  • make sure the simpler option is available before you count on it.
  • ask for help, even when you think you can handle it without.
  • be exceedingly grateful for those who beautifully, perfectly, remarkably come to your assistance and smooth your way.

perhaps most importantly of all, keep your eyes on the road in front of you, focused on the goal, not on the rocks and pebbles decorating the path.

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