Wednesday, May 27, 2009


okay, the truth is that I like men.
really, I do.
and I'm slightly embarrassed to be writing about this as well as just a tad fearful that I might lose all of my female friends after they read this, but on I march, anyway.

I like being around men.
they are less complicated than us females, less devious and costumed and masked. they tend to see things more simply, and they tend to speak their truth more readily. they're better at saying what they're thinking without that sugarcoating process.
us females, on the other hand, have a reputation for spending a lot of words to convey very little information. we talk more about what others are doing, trying to find connections and commonalities. we worry about how others will respond and react to what we say, and we try to be kind.
yes, I'm generalizing and even stereotyping a bit, I know.
and yes, there are plenty men I'm completely uncomfortable with: especially those who live and breathe beer and sports.

but in general, I feel more settled and comfortable around men. they make me less nervous, I suppose, as they appear to be less evaluative and critical. men tend to make assessments quickly, where us females are always re-evaluating and searching for more information and looking deeper and winnowing out potential flaws.
I always had male friends growing up, and since I've started cycling I've added to my list. it's not that I won't ride with women: it just hasn't worked out that I have many to ride with. (yes, I have tried, but it's not simple when you're trying to match speed and schedules and personalities.) so along the way (and the thousands of miles) I've learned to enjoy male conversations and thought patterns, which are just slightly different than those of their female counterparts.

okay, and some men are just pretty darn fun to look at, as well.
you knew that was coming, and I cannot tell a lie. I'd be crazy not to enjoy looking at flexing muscles and rugged jawlines.

so here's to men: thanks to all of you for being a part of my journey.

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