Sunday, May 24, 2009

the air out there

I love this: early morning in late may or early june, when my sprinklers have completed their sequence and the air sweeps over the wet grass and in through my open windows. I love this.
I know it won't last more than an hour or so, but each time a little gust of wind brings that cool dampness into my home I am filled with joy.
I have my own little oasis, I've created my own special house-cooling system, and I just revel in the unique little part of the world that I get to --- temporarily --- call my own.

sometimes I sit on my back patio on these same mornings, sipping coffee, wrapped in a blanket because it's still so cool as to almost be cold. my patio is tucked in the northwest nook of my L-shaped house, where the shade hovers for most of the morning. the skies are powerfully blue, and I can even see rays of sun shooting from the east, up and over my rooftop. but my spot is crisp and protected, the leaves and small branches on my trees moving gently with little breezes.

I sit and sip, I let myself be a being. I let thoughts drift in and out and make friends with each other. I contemplate as little as possible, knowing that it is this down time, this almost meditative space, that will strengthen my awareness, my resolve, my ability to be who I'm meant to be.

I love this, this window of opportunity, these weeks when the air gives me this incredible gift. my desire is to never forget to take these openings, these incredible moments, and let them refill my soul.

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