Sunday, May 3, 2009


I feel good.
which is a great big, tangled bundle of pleased, happy, joyous, capable, successful, proud, and, well, whatever it is I give myself for eating a banana.

I rode to the top of big mountain today. I RODE TO THE TOP OF BIG MOUNTAIN TODAY!
first of the season, and it felt just fine. I didn't die, I didn't collapse at the top, in fact, I could have kept going.
this is good.

and here is my mile by mile notation of said ride:

mile 1: overcast, gray, cool, wet pavement.
mile 2: pavement dry in spots, spots of blue sky to the north
miles 3,4,5: sunlight!
mile 6: clouds move back in, a few sprinkles
miles 7,8: cloudy, cool, no sprinkles
mile 9: weak sunshine, then more sunshine, and I am on my way down to the reservoir
mile 10: cloudy, a few sprinkles
miles 11,12,13: mostly cloudy, cool, solitary
mile 14: sunshine returns, and a tailwind, ah . . .
miles 15,16: sunshine, lots of rocks that have tumbled down the hillsides decorate the road
mile 17: sunshine, a headwind, some crosswinds, a brief tailwind . . .
mile 17.5: the summit, the apex, the top, woo hoo! sunshine reigns, but to the east dark, heavy clouds hover, and to the south and west clouds hang on white mountain peaks
miles 18,19,20: a blur, chilly, sun lighting my way
miles 21, 22, 23: cruising along, heading back by the reservoir, pavement is almost dry
miles 24,25: heading up little mountain, dry, sunny, blue skies
miles 26-30: fluffy white clouds, blue sky, dry pavement with only occasional puddles
miles 27, 28: a little headwind, lots of cyclists in short sleeves and shorts, who were obviously less impatient than I
miles 29, 30, 31: so dry, so sunny, so great
miles 32, 33: out of the canyon, an early summer day in the city, gardeners galore
mile 34: dry, sunny, gorgeous
mile 35: the final mile, all downhill, no water anywhere, thousands of happy flowers
mile 35.05: wheeled my bike over to the hose bib, where I sprayed off the dirty streaks and clumps of dried mud, and flicked off the dead worm pieces stuck to my brake pads, while it hailed on me. truth.

it's been a good day.

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