Wednesday, May 13, 2009

jim croce

everything that needs to be said has been said.
from plato and aristotle, to matthew, mark, luke and john, to ringo, john, paul and george, ( not to mention kanye west and the infamous pink), I truly believe all aspects of human life have been thoroughly disected, discussed, delved into and bemoaned.

so what I will tell you about today are 2 things.

first, we have been experiencing a bit of a strange weather pattern that is sending small and great winds whipping up and down the canyon. (as usual, I revel in those tailwinds and am only grateful for the headwinds because they increase my caloric expenditure and allow me to eat more cookies.)

second, I have a wee bit of a cold that makes for excess stuff in my nasal passages and throat. while riding, I can't look down because my nose runs, and I have to do a lot of throat-clearing just to keep breathing.

yes, I am reaching my point.

today's most important wisdom comes from a song that kept running through my head while I was riding---jim croce's bad, bad leroy brown:

you don't spit into the wind.

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