Sunday, May 31, 2009

changing plans

I am generally one who follows through on her commitments.
if I say I will do something, it is highly likely to happen. especially if it involves another person.

but sometimes I change my mind, and then I struggle to balance my needs with my prior pledge.
integrity is so very important to me, yet I know that I cannot be fully, completely, absolutely dependable, for that reduces me to an automaton, a being without options. there are times when I need to twist and flow with what comes my way, which occasionally wreaks havoc with those prior, proper plans.

and this all stems from the fact that I promised durango today, and I cannot provide it. it will come, but it's not happening today.

instead I want only to share the pure joy that I know with certainty just occurred within the man who just rode past my house.
I live at the intersection of two gently sloping streets, and often a cyclist will ride down the street to my east and then turn down the street to my south. as anyone who has ever been on wheels understands, gently downward sloping streets are a delight.

this gentleman was biking past my east-facing windows, slightly standing with his bottom out of the seat, feet unmoving in 3-and-9 positions, weaving in mild back and forth curves, testing the edges of his tires. as he approached the cross street he moved far to the left and swooped around the corner, and I could feel every bit of joy that coursed through his body.

my quirky nature just loves a pun, so to sum up my entire mini essay today ~ beginning with my shortcomings and ending with a joyful feeling ~ I will say only that
to err is human, and to swoop is absolutely divine.

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