Sunday, July 19, 2009


mountains don't bend to us, do they?
today I was hoping one would, and the stubborn thing just refused. time and time again. I was begging, my legs were sending out s.o.s. distress signals that I'm sure could be heard and understood by every person place and thing in a 10-mile radius, and that darn mountain just stood there, firmly planted and completely unbending.

I conquered another peak today. and this one is going in the "been there done that" category, along with the kamas-up-the-mirror-lake-highway-to-the-summit ride.
at least it's going there today.

it's about 24 miles from the entrance to the winding canyon to the top of the mount nebo loop, though if you asked me to pinpoint where the top of that loop is I'm not sure I could tell you. it has so many ridiculous false summits that I have no idea where the point of highest elevation is. I know I was there at some moment: that's all I can say for certain.
there was a spot where I pulled off the road and gazed at mt. nebo, off to our right, and took a few pictures for people on their i-phones and cell phones (now, what do I push? oh, that little teeny square box on the side of the screen? ok, let me know if you need a do-over).
I think this was some kind of summit.
but then we went down a bit and around and then up a bit again.
and then down and around and up a lot.
and then down.
and down.
and then up again: I almost swore at that point.
well, I did. my legs made me do it.

year 2 has begun with a bang.

I can now officially add the mt. nebo loop to my list of conquered peaks, and I am quite happy to be able to do so.
I made the right decision the other day, by choosing C, and then convincing myself I could also do B.
and the great thing about making decisions is that they almost always seem to work out in the end. in fact, I recently read a great quote with which I will close today, a quote attributed to some unknown sage:

everything will be okay in the end.
if it's not okay, it's not the end.


chris said...

uh, hello? ya, where has this blog been! last night i read from like july 18, 2009 to june 1, 2009. hilarious, passionate, inspiring, innocent, etc. etc. i started wondering if i was ever any of the people you write about (non-wavers or angels). you speak truthes that i don't think most people can articulate so well about bike riding. loved the blog about seeing bike stickers, bike racks, bikes in cars and feeling that instant connection regardless of any other circumstance and just wanting to shout, "me too!." sorry, don't mean to creep you out, but i'm a fan... and I work night shifts and have plenty of down time.

susan said...

you just made my day! thanks for the compliments.... I love doing this and I love to hear that other people can relate to my sometimes wacky thoughts and feelings.
you must work nights so you can ride by day :)
thanks again!